28 Jumaad-Al-Awwal, 1441
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Month of Ramadan

Posted on: 12 June 2015

Alssalmu Alikum dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam,

We congratulate you and the Islamic nation the good and the advent of the month of blessings and forgiveness Ramadan.

Our programs in Ramadan:

Tarawih prayer will begin after evening (Isha) prayer directly. The establishment of evening prayers will be approximately about 11:05. We will be reading half a page in each rakaa in Tarawih taking into account for those who have work and those who cannot afford long standing.

We will start each night beginning of a new part and then leave you the opportunity to complete the reading of the rest part either in the Masjid or at home.

There will be mini-speech "Katerah" between after the first four rakat.

There will be four Saturdays during the holy month of Ramadan. As we promised, there will be a collective breakfast every Saturday during the month of Ramadan.

There will be babysitting for young children so that everyone would pray placidly and humbly. It will be one of the sisters to do the work and there will be a dollar fee on every child. Nursery from 11:00 to 12:00. Alternatively, until we finish the Taraweeh.

Cleaning is everyone’s responsibility. So that we can keep the masjid in the best possible condition.

Parking is available on both lots; the masjid parking and the parking across the west side of the masjid. Please do not close the road or park incorrectly.

There will be a short speech after Fajir prayer and Quran recitation session

Whoever wants to memorize the Quran or review the imam ready for that and you can contact him for arrangement

Jazakum Allah Kahira


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